Tuesday, September 2, 2008

6 Days Left and the Glory of Home

So I have been negligent...I will be better in the future. Somehow using my parents computer in the office is a lot harder than using my laptop anywhere...sad I know. I have been at home now for 2 weeks plus a little and have enjoyed it very much. I have been working at my old job, the veterinary hospital, and forgot how much I missed it. Well maybe not it so much as the people. I honestly and genuinely love them. They are all some of my favorite people in this world. I missed their company, advice, and senses of humor dearly. I was glad to have the chance to spend some time with them before I leave the country (I find it extremely exciting and snooty to be able to say that). I
Home has been good too. We have a family of 5 living with us, a mother and her 4 children. To me this is a testament of my parents generosity and unconditional love. The kids definitely keep our house full of life shall we say?
So I leave for Vienna in 6 days and I cannot believe it!!! Somebody needs to pinch me!


Anonymous said...

BOOOOOOOOO! I see that you've updated your blog, and the first thing I see is some Austrian palace. OUCH! This is gonna be hard for me. But, for some odd reason, I'm actually enjoying Provo quite a bit. Wierd, huh?

Nelson Family Album said...

It really stinks that your phone is no longer functioning. I haven't talked to you in weeks!

Dixie said...

I sooo enjoy your writing. Sounds like you are having a great time. Taylor gave plasma his freshman year so he could buy food. You are not alone. Keep up the entertaining writing. I miss your smile.