Friday, October 31, 2008

The City Itself

So I realized I have not really posted much on Vienna itself, mostly just the other places I have been. I normally spend about a week in Vienna for every week of travel. So I really have not been here a whole lot but I am starting to notice the subtleties and nuances of the city. I love it. It is fall now so all the leaves are golden yellow and when the wind blows they slowly float down to the ground. I love walking around and kicking up leaves as I go. It is still warmer here...well warmer in the sense that it is not below 50 degrees yet. I really like it though. A typical day consists of me going to class and I am usually done with that by 2. My fine arts class is my personal favorite. Some days we are in an actual classroom and other days we are in a cathedral, museum, or palace or such. I love being able to talk about something in class and then being able to go and see it. I try to go to an opera once a week and I am getting quite proficient in my standing room tactics. My school is right across from the Staatsoper so I can watch the line while I am in class. I have seen Simon Boconagra, Capricio, Faust, and The Marriage of Figaro. The Marriage of Figaro was my favorite. It has beautiful music and a really fun plot. I have seen a couple plays here in German and it is really hard to understand.
My German is improving but slowly. It is difficult because most of the time if I speak in German at a store or anything they reply in English. I try my best to continue to speak German.
Anyways Vienna is marvelous and I love it!

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Rorie Jones said...

Sounds like fun!!
Besides being totally jealous of you, I hope you are having a wonderful time!