Monday, August 10, 2009

A Story

I have come to realize that one of my favorite things in this world and one of my truest and deepest desires is to have a story. Odd I know, however I love the idea of it. I have often described it as wanting to be interesting and that is true...I really want to be one of those fascinating people to talk to. Someone who can relate really well. I am not talking one of those "one uppers" the "yeah well I did this" types. I am talking those really cool people who have just happened to have been someplace or tried something but it has only made them completely grounded and down to Earth. When I watch my video on the other side I want to laugh, cry, and have a deep satisfaction like the kind you get from a good story. Those stories where you completely connect with the characters and you root for them, you cry with them, you ache for them, you see their flaws and weaknesses you watch them grow and progress, and finally you feel more complete because of their story. That is the kind of character I want to be, the story I want to have.

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ANNwithanE said... long as I'M in that story!
but, no worries. you're doing good so far - vienna? paris? coldplay? working at an animal hospital, but studying anthropology? saying no to hawaii? i definitely connect with your plot and character so far...