Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember Me?

It has been a long while my dear friends. Combine the lack of a laptop with the lack of internet with BYU and you get a lack of blog posts. Well two of those problems have been solved so I will do my best to update more frequently but I make no promises.
My life right now is busy. I know that is a typical adjective for everyone but my whole concept of time has been completely redefined. I used to think of an hour as quite a bit of time and now it is a small snip-it. Anyway, I am getting ready to graduate in April and I already have senioritis. I didn't think it would hit this early but don't worry it did. I went through this major crisis, no literally a Major crisis, at the beginning of the semester because I picked a very unique, so maybe unique isn't the right word, I picked a major that is difficult to apply in the real world. I started to look at potential jobs and...well...I found 15 and all of them involved a PHD or Master's, neither of which I have. I started to rethink my decision and it kind of sent me into a panic. Then I was sitting in my Theory and Methodologies of Art History class and we started talking about this particular theory which states that there are no absolutes and no eternals and you can't possible find truth...I don't agree with the theory for obvious reasons...we were talking about this theory and my professor all of the sudden stopped and asked why she was teaching this to us (us as in people who believe in absolutes, and truth and eteranlism) (I think I just made up a word) so we then discussed how important it is to be exposed to these concepts and understand them because they are part of the world that we live in. She then proceeded to talk to about a class she had taken while here at BYU. It was a film class and they watched an Italian film that involved an old man falling in love with a young boy (now bear with me here, I promise I will explain). In this movie the old man comes to see everything he has lost, youth, beauty, etc. represented in this young boy and thus he falls in love with him. Now several of the students, and you may be asking too, but several of the students wanted to know why they were watching this? It seems odd that a BYU professor would show a movie with homosexual and pedafelial themes right? Well yes, it is a little strange but this professor explained he felt it was very important to expose his students to a variety of experiences of humanity in a setting where appropriate discussion could take place. They could discuss this movie in a Gospel light and discuss its merits despite the fact that it is morally ambiguous. Now for all of you who think I have fallen off the deep end fear not, I'm making a point here...the point is that there are things in this life that make us more human; not in the carnal sense but in the we are all children of God sense. Those experiences that make us more human allow us to empathize in a way that could not be done otherwise. Empathy is a God-like and Christ-like trait. Think about the Atonement; it allows for PERFECT empathy and since we are all striving to become more charitable, empathy is vital. Becoming more human is a good thing. This whole discussion made me think about why I am an art history major, because I want to become more human. Simple as that. Anyway that was my epiphany however convolluted it looks on paper.
Other than having panic attacks followed by epiphanies the rest of my time is spent killing trees, aka working at a law firm. I am pretty sure I have already killed a small forest with all the paper that gets used here.
Anyway, become more human, it's important, more important than all you computer science majors who are becoming robots...but that's another subject altogether...

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