Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Outrage in it's Purest Form

So I went to see the new James Bond movie last night. I know it is kind of lame to see a movie when I am in the center of culture however, sometimes you just need a movie. Anyways...I myself do not claim to be a die hard Bond fan nor am I an expert by any means. So I went with some students that are studying as well here in Vienna. After the film we were discussing our thoughts. Most people did not like it. I was entertained but it wasn't the greatest movie I have ever seen. I suddenly became outraged however when the people who were with me objected to the movie because Bond only sleeps with 1 woman rather than the typical 2. I was disgusted and outraged. I cannot even tell you how much restraint it took on my part to keep my mouth shut and be nice. I was so disappointed at what has become "manly" in this world. You are manly if you treat women like hunks of meat and sleep around?! I was also appalled at the fact that this was being stated by (I will be honest) not my favorite person but someone I thought had values. I was so tragically disappointed in my generation. I was so saddened that people my age just don't get it anymore. Sex is not a way to define yourself and when taken lightly it will destroy your spirit. I refuse to accept the idea that sex sells. Maybe it does but that is an indication of just how backwards we are. What we value is a statement of who we are and we should value members of the opposite sex in a way that is respectful. Love is a beautiful thing and should be treated as such. I am not a hunk of meat nor will I be treated like one.

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Aimee said...

Camille. I completely agree. I didn't LOVE the movie. But I didn't hate it either. But when I was talking to some particular boys about it, as far as I could tell their main complaint was that there is no "bond girl(s)" and that he doesn't sleep with enough women. Then it's like he's not even James Bond. Right?!!!! How awful is this state that our society is becoming.