Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been slacking...
1. The Priesthood, I cannot imagine a world without it and it truly is the power of God
2. My Stake President, I don't know him personally but since hearing him speak he is my hero. He is a dentist but he and his wife travel around doing dental work in third world I said, my hero
3. My Patriarchal Blessing, how many churches allow you to have your own personal scripture? While yes it is short I literally possess the Book of Camille, so cool
4. Hymns, in my mind they are the quickest and most efficient way to communicate things of the Spirit
5. The Temple, I am so blessed to have one so close and it has made me feel like a child at home in the Lord's house
1. Art, I love it, enough said
2. Books, how priviledged are we to know how to read and to have access to so many books?
3. Women, I know that men are son's of God and I love men too but there is something so divinely lovely about women
4. Animals, I totally have a soft spot for anything cuddly and covered in fur. I love them
5. Health, I have been feeling so much better these past couple months and it makes me so happy
1. Sunshine, It snowed yesterday and I was actually okay with it but there is nothing like the sun bursting through the clouds and warming up your face
2.BYU, I sometimes curse this place and have not particularly cared for it but I am grateful to be here and there really are opportunities that I would not get anywhere else
3. Chips and Salsa, weird I know but they are a snack I can eat and I do so frequently
4. My Divine Heritage, I love the truth of being a daughter of amazing
5. Christmas, I cannot wait to be home with family and friends to celebrate all that is good in this world

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