Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Waning of My Motivation

At the end of every semester I start to get really ansty. Usually it is the combination of being burnt out and getting excited to leave Provo...this semester is no exception. Right at this very moment I have about a billion things that I should be doing instead of updating my blog; for example I have a response due for my Southern Baroque class tomorrow and I just can't bring myself to write it. It doesn't take that long, it doesn't challenge my brain that much, I just plain don't want to do it. I finished a beastly twelve page research paper on Monday and I just haven't wanted to do anything since then! I think someone should find a cure for laziness. I would pay big money for it.
On another completely related but altogether unrelated note, someone asked me the other day why I did not like Provo. I could not articulate my answer and I found that flustering. I have always assumed that everyone just understood my disdain. Here's what I have discovered as my reasoning: (keep in mind that I am not insulting Utah as a geographical location, okay so maybe I am but I understand that it is a fantastic place for some people and I am grateful for the opportunities that are here. BYU is a good school and I have gotten a good education but Utah is not the place for me as I will soon dicuss...)
1. Intolerance. Provo has this knack for excluding anything that could be construed as uncomfortable. Example: There was an exhibit of Rodin's sculptures that came through. There is a beautiful sculpture called The Kiss. It shows a beautiful moment between a man and a woman. It is in no way explicit, pornographic, erotic, or any other negatively connotated word you would like to fill in...BYU would not show it. Intolerance.
2. Lack of museums. We all know that Springville is a gem for Utah but after you walk through a couple of times where else am I supposed to go?
3. It's cold. I know, whimpy reason but I really don't like the whole back and forth thing that the spring does, if you're going to be cold, be cold but if you are going to warm up one day and then the next day dump snow on me I will be upset, and hate you
4. Conformity. Everyone here follows trends. I suppose that is the nature of people my age but here it is even worse because they put a spiritual spin on it. Even the people who are trying not to conform are conforming in their inconformity. Please, just be your own person, do us all a favor.
5. The most illogical logic I have ever heard. Example: I heard about this couple who were going to get married in the temple. Their parents did not like either of the fiances so together they decided if they got pregnant their parents would have to be okay with it...yeah...
6. I feel a physical weight lifted when I leave Provo. I don't know how or why this I feel this way but you ask Brit or Anne and they will totally back me up on this one, it's the best feeling, it's like coming up for air.
7. Over-achievers. Oh man how they abound here. I went to the temple at 6:30 am. It shouldn't be busy right? Wrong! It was the most crowded I have ever seen. Too bad half the people there had already been to the gym too.
I will agree that I chose to come here knowing full well what I was getting myself into but man am I ready to scoot!


brittany said...

you and me both sista

Anonymous said...

love 'the kiss'

Miss J. Davis said...

Naked art is my favorite. It highlights the divinity of the human body. Person and emotion are expressed though movement alone. There is nothing erotic or pornographic about works of art done in such a classical style. Provo can suck it.

k N d said...

oh camille... with you on all those points. i always refer to my years there as "doing my time." and the feelings come back every time i go visit. haha. good luck. one less semester to go. :)