Monday, December 1, 2008

You Know You're in Europe When...

You Know You're in Europe When...
Every toilet is a new experience which involves figuring how to turn the light on and flushing it...keep in mind most have two buttons to figure it out
Peanut butter is impossible to find
You get excited when you hear English
German is a familiar language
There is no such thing as a line in stores
Everyone dresses nicer than you
Everyone knows more about American Politics than you do
Your German teacher can tell you who the secretary of transportation is
The only fast food restaurant is McDonald's and people have business meetings there because it is not anything like McDonald's in the US
Europeans would never be caught dead in a McDonald's in the US
People give you dirty looks on the U-bahn if you do anything but sit there
All the drugies are contained in Karlsplatz
You know that the people with blue mouths are high but you can't figure out if it is from a Slurpee or crack
You have to buy your own grocery bags
Any cold beverage is bad for your health
Ketchup costs money!
You start to think in Euros
The apartment you live in is 300 years old
New buildings are older than any building in the US
You can go to a world famous opera for 4 euros
You can be in 3 countries in 1 day
Transportation shuts down at midnight in order to conserve
There is no such thing as a light that stays on all the time
People flush leftovers/scraps down the toilet
The toilet and the shower are in 2 separate rooms
There is only 1 bathroom in any apartment, house, or other establishment
You have to pay money to use the bathroom in a public location
You get different answers when you search different googles...yes there are differnt googles
The internet is a luxury...hence my lack of blog updates...

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