Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Major Change

So as many of you have heard I am sure...I have changed my major. It has been the subject of my thoughts for quite some time now and was realized in Vienna. I love art history, but it does not allow me to contribute in a way that I want to contribute. Now I flatter myself in thinking you are all asking yourselves "what way does she want to contribute?" but just go with me...pretend like that is what you thought. I have always had the dream of going to Africa and doing something to help. I think it is appalling that in a world so technologically advanced and supposedly socially advanced we still have an entire continent where genocide is a fact of daily life, malnutrition is common, medical treatment is almost non-existent, children fear for their lives,...there is an entire continent that is rich with culture and resources and yet almost every country there is a third world one. I admire so much people who are doing something to help and I hope to be one of them. I am now officially a Sociocultural Anthropology major with a double minor in African Studies and French. I know I change my mind quite often but this feels really good and as my blog title states don't judge me. I should graduate in 2 years which is not too unreasonable in my book. I will hopefully do a field study in either Ghana or South Africa in the spring of 2010. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

south africa would be AMAZING!!! i really want to go there someday. brit mentioned that you might get to go with cindy to africa next year? though, she got a little girl (YAY!!), so it's kind of up in the air. if she goes, are you going to go? that would be INCREDIBLE!!!

we need to hang out. pronto. and you're less than a block from me, so it's just sad.

anne said...

good call, that sounds totally awesome! is it too late for me to change my major?!